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11th September 2023

A week's holiday in Newlyn, and a chance to be immersed in the landscapes and subjects of Harold Harvey (1874-1941), a Persephone Books favourite. Harvey was born in Penzance and studied at the Penzance School of Art. He spent two years at the Académie Julian in Paris, after which he returned to Cornwall, settled in Newlyn (just one and a half miles from Penzance), and never travelled abroad again. For many of his contemporaries Cornwall was just an interlude, but for Harvey it was his life, and he was the only Cornishman to play a significant role in the Newlyn School. The Blue Door; Newlyn (1934, Bangor University) shows a view of the harbour and St Michael's Mount in the distance which is similar to that from the Harveys' Maen Cottage.

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