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28th September 2023

The well-to-do, stylishly dressed, polite Brian Epstein (1934-1967) managed NEMS (North End Music Stores, part of the family business) at 12-14 Whitechapel. At lunchtime on 6 November, 1962, he made the two-minute walk from his office to the Cavern Club on Mathew Street to see for himself what all the young music-lovers and record-buyers in Liverpool were talking about. He later wrote in his autobiography A Cellarful of Noise (1964), "They were not very tidy and not very clean...[but] I had never seen anything like the Beatles on any stage." Despite no previous experience, he decided there and then that he would become their manager. The Cavern was closed in 1973 but a reconstructed version was opened in 1984, and live music still fills the cellars.

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